Crime, Law and Justice
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CJ190Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Introduction to Crime, Law and JusticeProvides an introduction to crime, law and justice. The course will focus the understanding of the American Judicial System and the administration criminal and civil justice. The course will also address historical and current issues which shape the American justice system. Offered annually.
CJ225Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Law, Courts and ProceduresThis course provides an introduction to the law and the American legal system; Students will learn about the many sources of law including constitutions, statutes, cases, and regulations, and the application of each in the American legal system. Topics include Constitutional rights, legal procedure, ethical obligations and regulations. Current trends and developments which shape the legal system will be examined. Prerequisite: CJ190.
CJ260Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Conflict ResolutionThe course will focus on the development of skills utilized in conflict resolution. Topics covered will include negotiation techniques, persuasive oral and written argumentation, and mediation skills. 
CJ270Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
AdvocacyThe course studies multiple facets of victim, child, and community advocacy. The course will focus on roles and responsibilities of advocates in the judicial system, legislative process, and community based initiatives. 
CJ315Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Policing and InvestigationCovers law enforcement policies and procedures; including, police ethics, arrests, use of discretion, and agency management. The course will also cover investigative processes and procedures; including crime scene analysis, collection and handling of evidence. Prerequisite: CJ190.
CJ350Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Criminology and VictimologyA social scientific study of crime and victimology in society, including an examination of the historical theories of crime, and an analysis of the methods and research to respond to these crimes at both the legal level and in the treatment of victims. Prerequisite: CJ190.
CJ352Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice1.5
Junior SeminarThe course has three main objectives; 1) expose students to current critical issues in criminal justice with particular emphasis on the current United States Supreme Court docket. 2) Guides the criminal Justice major in preparing for the senior comprehensive exam in criminal justice. And 3) provide a resource in career planning for students, as they move toward specific post-graduation goals of either seeking criminal justice related employment or applying for graduate school. Both individual and group activities are scheduled in order to facilitate the senior comprehensive preparation and career planning.  Prerequisite: CJ190; Junior Standing
CJ390Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Legal Research, Writing and Oral ArgumentExplores the fundamentals of legal research and writing including, research sources, and document drafting. Students will also explore litigation techniques of persuasive oral presentations. Prerequisite: CJ190.
CJ430Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice3
Field Experience in Crime, Law and JusticeCourse involves a supervised practical experience in a vocation closely related to the student’s interest and/or future plans in Crime, Law and Justice. Readings, written assignments and group meetings assist the student in reflecting on and integrating the knowledge gained from involvement at an approved placement site.  Prerequisite: Attendance at a pre-placement meeting. Recommended for Junior year. Cross-listed as SO430, PS430. Offered fall and spring. Offered summer with special permission by department head.
CJ453Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice1.5
Senior SeminarGuides student in his/her preparation for the comprehensive examination in criminal justice. The course continues facilitating the career planning begun in Junior Seminar. Students will develop post-graduation goals of either seeking justice related employment, applying for graduate school or law school. Pre-requisite: CJ190; Senior Standing
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