DepartmentNumberTitle / DescriptionCredits
Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO110Introduction to Sociology

Studies human behavior that focuses on how society affects the individual and how the individual affects society. Introduces the student to terms, concepts, and scientific methods used in sociological research. Examines a wide variety of subjects (e.g., culture, religion, education, family, deviance, social change). Offered annually.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO190
Cross listed as CJ190
Introduction to Crime, Law and Justice

Provides an introduction to crime, law and justice. The course will focus the understanding of the American Judicial System and the administration criminal and civil justice. The course will also address historical and current issues which shape the American justice system. Offered Annually

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO212Human Diversity

Studies the various subgroups which make up the American society. Attempts to understand these subgroups in terms of their sociopolitical heritage, lifestyles, social identities, and social circumstances. Examines a wide variety of subgroups such as racial, ethnic, cultural, lifestyles, physical/mental ability, and age populations in the American society. Offered annually.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO242Sociology of Religion

A comparative and analytical study of organized religion as a social institution. Examines conversion, church growth, belief and practices of major American faiths, types of church structure, secularization, function, and conflict of religion in society. Offered varying years.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO311Social Problems

Social problems are defined as consequences of social organization and social functioning which are generally deemed undesirable, unintended and unwanted. Focuses on the theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues in the sociological study of social problems. Studies poverty, inequality, deviant behavior, hunger, and environmental concerns. 

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO313
Cross listed as PS313
Social Psychology

Studies the individual behaving in group interaction. Investigates social behavior involved in prejudice, conformity, aggression, leadership, affiliation, and communication and relates that to contemporary social issues of our society. Prerequisite: PS110. Cross-listed as PS313.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO314
Cross listed as PS314
Group Psychology

Forms small group interaction from theoretical and experimental perspectives. Covers group structure and process, with special attention to leadership and roles. Includes an interpersonal group experience each week. Prerequisite: PS110 and PS313. Cross-listed as PS314.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO315
Cross listed as PS315
Urban Experience

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the dynamics and challenges of life and ministry in the city. Readings and lectures from varied theoretical perspectives (theological, psychological, sociological, economic, and political) are combined with exposure to various urban ministry models through site visits and field experience. Includes travel and a special course fee to cover travel expenses. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Cross-listed as PS315. Offered in alternate years.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO320
Cross listed as HI320
Seminar in Globalization

Examines globalization from the perspective of politics, history, sociology, and theology. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Cross-listed as HI320. Usually offered annually.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO350
Cross listed as CJ350
Criminology and Victimology

A social scientific study of crime and victimology in society, including an examination of the historical theories of crime, and an analysis of the methods and research to respond to these crimes at both the legal level and in the treatment of victims. Pre-requisite: CJ190

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO351
Cross listed as PS351
Methods of Social Research

Develops research skills with emphasis on social research as a scientific inquiry and problem-solving tool in explaining human social behavior. Students learn how to formulate problems for research and implement appropriate research methods. Prerequisite: PS251 or permission of instructor. Cross-listed as PS351.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO430Field Experience

Supervised practical experience in a vocation closely related to the student’s interest and/or future plans in psychology. Readings, written assignments, and group meetings assist in reflecting on and integrating the knowledge gained from involvement at an approved placement site. Prerequisite: Attendance at a pre-placement meeting. Recommended for Junior year. Offered in spring semester or by special arrangement in the summer.

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO451
Cross listed as PS451
Quantitative Research and Data Analysis

Introduces the concepts and procedures employed in quantitative research in the social sciences. Explores several data analyses (from univariate to multivariate analyses) with the use of the computer (both mini and micro). Utilizes SPSS and practices writing quantitative results in APA format.  Prerequisite: PS251. Cross-listed as PS451. Offered alternate years

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO488Sociology Practicum

Supervised field experience in a setting appropriate to student’s own career goals. 

Psychology and Crime, Law and JusticeSO490Independent Study

Opportunity for students to pursue study in an area of interest. 

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