DepartmentNumberTitle / DescriptionCredits
MathematicsMA098Fundamentals of Mathematics

Offers a review of basic mathematical operations concentrating on fractions, decimals and percents. Emphasizes pre-algebra topics such as variable expressions, introduction to equations, and translating sentences into equations and covers application of these principles. This course does not count toward graduation credits. Offered fall and spring.

MathematicsMA099 Math for College

A conceptual approach to the math assumed as a prerequisite for college math and science courses. Stresses mastery of basic algebra skills with stress on equation solving, fractions, and application problems.  This course does not count toward graduation credits. Offered fall and spring.

MathematicsMA101 Math Explorations

Introduces the structure and scope of mathematics. Discusses a variety of topics in mathematics to acquaint the student with what a mathematician is and does and exposes the student to different branches and tools of mathematics. Prerequisite: MA099 or equivalent. Offered annually.

MathematicsMA109 Finite Mathematics

A problem-solving and mathematical literacy course that helps students understand the power and usefulness of mathematics in various settings. Topics usually include functions, linear equations, linear systems, linear programming, sets, elementary probability, statistics, and financial mathematics. Prerequisite: MA099 or equivalent. Offered fall and spring.

MathematicsMA111College Algebra

Studies basic college algebra, including solving equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations and inequalities, and working with linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions. Prerequisite: MA099 or two years of high school college preparatory mathematics. Offered fall.

MathematicsMA118Introduction to Statistics

An introduction to the basic methods of statistical inference, with applications to a variety of disciplines. Topics studied will include hypothesis testing (z and t tests), confidence intervals, regression and correlation, and chisquare tests of independence. Note: Not for credit if credit is received for a higher level statistics course. Prerequisite: MA109 or MA111 or equivalent. Offered annually.

MathematicsMA122 Trigonometry

Studies the trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, including the application of trigonometry to triangles, and the application of algebra to trigonometry, such as solving equations and verifying identities. Also includes a beginning look at vectors and polar coordinates. Prerequisite: MA111 or equivalent. Offered spring.

MathematicsMA151 Calculus I

Studies calculus of one variable covering limits, differential calculus, integral calculus, applications, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.  Prerequisite: MA122 or three years of college preparatory mathematics including trigonometry. Offered fall.

MathematicsMA152 Calculus II

Second course in calculus of one variable; transcendental functions, techniques of integration, improper integrals, polar coordinates, infinite series, and Taylor series.  Prerequisite: MA151. Offered spring.

MathematicsMA171 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Covers propositional and predicate calculus, techniques of proof (including direct, indirect and inductive), sets, functions, combinatorics, relations, recurrence equations, graphs and trees. Prerequisites: MA122 or equivalent and either sophomore standing or permission of the instructor. Offered fall.

MathematicsMA199/299/399/499 Topics in Math

Study of a topic in mathematics of mutual interest to students and instructor. Topics in the recent past have included discrete dynamical systems, cryptography, real variables, numerical methods and optimization. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Offered varying years.

MathematicsMA201 Linear Algebra

Examines sets, systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, subspaces, linear operators and their representations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and inner product spaces. Prerequisite: MA152 or MA171. Offered spring.

MathematicsMA211Calculus III

Covers cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems, vectors in Euclidean space, multidimensional functions, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and line integrals. Prerequisite: MA152. Offered fall.

MathematicsMA212Differential Equations

Covers techniques and theory of ordinary differential equations, first order techniques, linear differential equations, series solutions, systems of differential equations, and Laplace Transforms. Prerequisite: MA211, MA201 or permission of the department. Offered spring.

MathematicsMA252 Probability and Statistics

A calculus-based introduction to probability and statistics. Topics studied will include basic probability, random variables, probability distribution and density functions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, regression and correlation, and chi-square tests of independence. Students will study both the application and the underlying mathematical structure for these topics. Prerequisite: MA152. Offered alternate years.

MathematicsMA281 Topics in Geometry

Includes topics from among classic plane geometry, non- Euclidean geometry, transformation geometry, and projective geometry. Applies linear perspective in art, symmetries of wallpaper design, cartography, and others of student interest. The format is participatory, with a final paper or project expected. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Offered varying years.

MathematicsMA331 Topics in Modern Algebra

Introduces algebraic systems, number theory,isomorphism, homomorphism, groups and rings. Note: Not for credit if credit is received for MA421. Prerequisite: MA201 or permission of the instructor. Offered alternate years.

MathematicsMA411 Real Analysis

Provides the theoretical underpinnings of calculus and the advanced study of functions. Emphasis is on the precise definitions and rigorous proof. Topics may include the real numbers and completeness, continuity and differentiability, the Riemann integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, inverse function and implicit function theorems, and limits and convergence. Prerequisite: MA171 and MA211.

MathematicsMA421 Modern Algebra I

Introduces algebraic systems, number systems, number theory, isomorphism, homomorphism, groups, and rings. A final project is to be completed and presented. Note: Not for credit if credit is received for MA331. Prerequisites: MA201 and permission of the instructor. Offered alternate years.

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