Interdisciplinary Studies
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Contemporary QuestionsThis seminar is an introduction to interdisciplinary investigation, framed around a series of open-ended questions of significance to the world today. While the particular topics of investigation will vary according to the specialty of the instructor, the issues raised will be explored in a non-dogmatic way, emphasizing intellectual rigor rather than particular conclusions. Class discussions will identify, understand, and appreciate diversity of perspectives. Instructor permission required. Freshmen honors course.
Boston-Area Lectures and ColloquiaThis 1.5 credit two-semester course enables a relatively small group of students (target number of 15) to attend several Boston-area colloquia and lectures each semester in the company of an ENC faculty meeting. Seven colloquium and lecture options will be offered each semester, out of which the students must attend five. The students and the faculty member will travel to the lecture as a group and discuss their reactions to the event afterward. Prerequisite: IS199 or permission of the instructor. Sophomore honors course. Repeatable for credit, for a maximum of 6.0 credits.
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