Cultural Perspectives
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CP100General Education3
Critical WritingCP100 introduces students to writing and speech for general academic discourse and provides building blocks in composition and presentation that are required in every field of study. Students in this course cultivate skills in the rhetorical and compositional strategies common to the written and spoken discourse of the college academy. The course emphasizes critical thinking, summary, analysis and synthesis of source material in the writing of student essays. Students also will build skills and demonstrate abilities in oral presentation of research and composition. Writing and Speech will be explored through the examination of Global/Multicultural concerns such as class, race and gender. Students will produce three short papers and one long research paper of 2000 words, as well as shorter homework writing and two formal oral presentations. Prerequisite: EN098 Writing for College is required for students whose entrance tests indicate a weakness in this area.
CP100LGeneral Education0.5
Critical Writing and Speaking LabThe critical writing and speaking lab provides students with an opportunity to hone their writing and speaking skills in a supportive environment. Students meet once per week in a small group setting for guidance and assistance with writing and speaking assignments from concurrent courses. Prerequisite: CP100 (at least concurrently), 1 credit of CP100L is required of all students. There is a lab fee for this course. Repeatable for credit.
CP102General Education2
First Year ExperienceAn introduction to the Eastern Nazarene College experience that helps students to achieve personal goals, to develop a personal vision, and to refine a personal value system through discussion and coursework in the following topics: the nature and purpose of a liberal arts education, Christian worldview, racial and gender equity, cultural diversity, and relationship development. 
CP150General Education3
Christian TraditionThis course traces some of the pivotal events in Christian history, and includes the people, socio-cultural influences and basic theological concerns involved. Attention is paid to developments in each major period of Christian history, as well as to the growth of Christianity from its roots in the Middle East to expansion across Europe and Africa, to its appearance in Asia and the Americas. 
CP195General Education3
The West in the World Since 1500An examination of the broad patterns of Western historical development in global context. Special emphasis will be given to the competing assessments of the meaning and significance of Western and modern global civilization. 
CP235General Education3
Arts and MusicThis course introduces students to the communication of important aesthetic, philosophical and religious ideas through the languages of music and the visual arts. Examples drawn from African, American, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese cultures highlight the global range of artistic thought. Prerequisites: CP100, CP150, and CP195.
CP245General Education3
Literature and CultureA humanities course designed to reveal to students: 1.) the debt the Western literary tradition owes to the ancient, pre-Christian world; and 2.) how literature operates as an important vehicle for cultural exchange between the east and the west. In the process, students will refine their skills in reading and understanding literary works, including the interpretation of figurative language, an awareness of how literary genre shapes content, and the ability to articulate central themes. Prerequisites: CP100 and CP195 (at least concurrently).
CP250General Education3
The Bible in Current PerspectiveServes as a broad introduction to the Bible and the various ways it impacts both the church and contemporary society. Provides an introduction to the formation of the Christian canon and surveys the major themes of the Old and New Testaments. Throughout the course, connections are drawn between the Bible and other disciplines, especially connections to the topics covered in the other courses in the Cultural Perspectives curriculum. Prerequisites: CP100, CP150, and CP195 (at least concurrently).
CP290General Education3
East Meets West: Western Philosophy and GlobalizationThis course addresses philosophical themes that arise as the result of the human search for meaning in the present context of globalization. While it will include an historical survey of significant Western response to these perennial human questions, it will also include voices from outside the Western tradition. Emphasis will be placed on those concepts, issues and philosophers which have played the greatest role in Western civilization, and which may offer significant answers to today’s global questions. Emphasis will be placed upon correlations with other courses in the Cultural Perspectives curriculum. Prerequisites: CP100, CP150, and CP195 (at least concurrently).
CP325General Education3
Epoch-Making Events in ScienceThis course examines selected great ideas from science, the environments from which they arose, the people involved, and their impacts upon contemporary and succeeding generations. Interactions of scientific thought with prevailing philosophical and religious outlooks are considered. Among the ideas and epochs discussed are: the birth of the scientific tradition, the Copernican revolution, Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the Big Bang. This course includes discussion of the religious implications of science, as unfolded in the controversies surrounding Galileo and Darwin. Prerequisites: CP250 and one Lab science.
CP350General Education3
World ReligionsStudies the historical understandings and practices of the major belief systems of the world, such as: animism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and secondary groups that have developed from them. This course will include optional visits to observe local places of worship and meditation in the Boston area. Prerequisites: CP250 and CP290.
CP410General Education3
Living IssuesThis is the capstone course in ENC’s Cultural Perspectives sequence of courses, designed to expose students to some of the major challenges facing humanity as a whole and the student as an individual. One of the primary course objectives is the exploration of the tensions and possibilities that exist for Christian faith and values in a society permeated with individualism, materialism, and despair. This course also deals with moral philosophy around the globe, considering social issues and morality from the vantage point of ethics and responsibility. Prerequisites: CP250, CP290, and Senior standing.
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