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TR150Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Theatre and CultureProvides a foundation for exploring theatre in communication and community. Examines the collaborative process of play production including the roles of playwrights, directors, actors, and designers. Includes play readings of various literary genres, critical analysis and response to theatrical performances, theatre as a reflection of culture, and an introduction to performance studies. An essential component is a practical experience in an area of a current ENC production. 
TR198Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Creative DramaDesigned as an introductory course for first and second year students exploring communication arts as a major. Actively investigates the relationships among dramatic play, theatre, education and human development. Performance techniques include improvisation, role-play, puppetry, movement, masks, storytelling, and theatre games. No prior actor training is required. Drama techniques can be applied in a variety of majors including business, social work, religion, psychology, education and communications. Offered in May term.
TR251Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Acting I: Introduction to ActingExplores various methods of character development such as voice, movement, concentration and awareness to find emotional truth. Emphasizes the development of individual and ensemble performance through both improvised and scripted scenes with a focus on contemporary styles and plays. Students from all majors will develop confidence, and poise and sharpen their interpersonal communication skills. No prerequisite.
TR252Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Acting II: Scene Study and StylesBuilds upon basic vocal and physical skills, character development, and textual analysis through extensive scene study and workshop performances. A variety of actor training techniques is introduced with emphasis on performance styles needed to work with classical or contemporary texts. Prerequisites: TR251 or permission of instructor.
TR271Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Tech Theatre PracticesExplores the tools, methods and materials used behind the scenes in theatrical production. Emphasizes theatre safety, set construction, and stage management. Students design individual projects and gain invaluable hands-on experience working on an ENC production. Production lab hours are required. 
TR312Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Oral InterpretationFosters an appreciation of literature and develops creative skills in public speaking and performance. Analyzes various literary forms (poetry, novels, plays, the Bible, songs, letters, diaries, etc) as texts for performances. Class exercises introduce vocal, physical and other performances techniques to effectively communicate a point of view. Explores oral traditions and other nonliterary sources and events as performance material. Prerequisite: CO120.
TR336Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
World DramaA survey of dramatic literature, theatrical history, and performance styles from Asia, Africa, and South America as a reflection of cultural and societal issues of politics, ethnicity, gender, religion, and identity. Beginning with the classical theatres of India, Japan, and China, the course examines trends and developments progressing up to the present day and analyzes cross-cultural influences affecting contemporary African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American playwrights. Prerequisite: CP100; Co-requisite: CP245.
TR362Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Writing for Stage and ScreenA seminar approach to the study and practical application of techniques, styles and conventions of writing for stage and screen. Writing exercises, workshops, play, and readings provide students opportunities to create, share, and receive feedback. Prerequisite: CP100.
TR375Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
ShakespeareSurveys Shakespeare’s dramas, including histories, comedies, tragedies, and romances. Covers major plays as well as some lesser-known works. Investigates the main problems and contemporary theories of interpretation of Shakespeare. Also required for the Literatures in English major. Prerequisite: CP245.
TR411Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Boston Theatre ExperienceTR411 offers the student majoring in Theatre the opportunity to appreciate the rich theatre culture of Boston and to study the history of this Boston tradition. Students will attend multiple area productions being performed on levels including the amateur and professional. This course will serve as an occasional May term selection. Prerequisite: CP100; Co-requisite: CP245.
TR430Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
DirectingStorytelling is the central role of a director. Provides students with basic theories, aesthetic principles and techniques of directing that can be applied to both stage and screen. Student directors learn how to effectively tell a story by communicating with a production team, actors and the audience. The course culminates with a final directing project created through the process of textual analysis, concept development, casting, and application of aesthetic principles, as well as the use of various rehearsal techniques and presentation of a scene to an audience. Students attend area plays and gain practical experience in an ENC production. Prerequisite: TR150, TR252, or permission of instructor.
TR490Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts1
Theatre PracticumA variety of theatre practicums are offered to allow students to earn credit for the rehearsal and performance of a role (stage or technical) in an ENC production. The practicum may be repeated and is available to all majors. Prerequisite: Consent of director or technical director.
Cross listed as EN491, JW491, CO491
Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Senior Seminar for the Theatre ArtsTailored to help students produce their final writing project for the major. Combines a workshop format to allow ample attention to the specific demands of student projects. Cross-listed with EN491, JW491, and CO491. Students entering from the Threatre Arts major will develop a project related to the production and analysis of theatrical works. Prerequisite: senior standing.
TR491-LLanguage, Theatre, and Communication Arts1
Senior Writing Lab Co-requisite of TR491 Senior Seminar
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