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JW150Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Introduction to Creative WritingA workshop-style class that introduces the Journalism and Writing student to the disciplines and practices of creative writing in several genres including poetry, short and long fiction, and literary non-fiction. Students will study examples of each genre and write their own examples of several genres during the course of the semester. Students will also share their own creative works and offer constructive critiques of the work of their classmates. Prerequisites: CP100 or equivalent. Corequisite: CP245, or equivalent.
JW205Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Introduction to Print JournalismOffers the Journalism and Writing Major an introduction to the practice of journalistic writing for print publications. In this course, students will learn the basic structure of journalistic articles, as well as good research and reporting practices. Prerequisites: CP100 or equivalent. Corequisite: CP245, or equivalent.
JW215Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Writing Across News MediaIntroduces approaches to the fundamental aspects of print, broadcast, and online journalism. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.
JW281Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Digital PhotographyAn introduction to digital photography as an art form. Investigations into photographic processes include camera techniques, lighting, color imaging, photographic composition and visual design. Digital photographic software applications, monochrome prints and digital color image manipulation will be explored as relates to photographic media and traditions. Photography as a commercial medium will also be investigated. 
JW295/395/495Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts1.5
Editing and PublishingStudents in this course will develop an understanding of the editing and publishing process from the inside out. Under the guidance of a professional, students will research, write, design, and submit journalism for publication. Students will gain knowledge of publication and communication law, as well as refine research and writing skills and gain insight into the publication production process. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent. JW150 or permission of the instructor. Repeatable for credit.
JW312Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Poetry WritingIntended primarily for students serious about developing themselves as poets, this course requires students to analyze the poetry of published poets and classmates while striving to cultivate their individual poetic voices. Prerequisite:CP100 or equivalent.
JW315Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Feature Writing and Beat ReportingStudents receive background in the management of beat coverage, and the research, construction, and development of feature stories. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.
JW317Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Writing AutobiographyDevelops students’ skills in life writing in conjunction with a study of how other published autobiographers structure and shape their texts. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.
JW394Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
International Short-Short StoryFocuses on the form and development of particular short stories. Topics include ancient and medieval story structures such as the fable and the fabliaux, as well as a review of the more contemporary examples of flash or 55 fiction. Some creative writing may also be required. Also counts as an option for fulfilling the Genre requirement in the Literatures in English major. Prerequisite: CP100 or equivalent.
Cross listed as EN491, CO491, TR491
Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts3
Senior Seminar: WritingTailored to help students produce their final writing project for the major. Combines a workshop format to allow ample attention to the specific demands of student projects. Cross-listed with EN491, CO491, and TR491, Students entering from the Journalism and Writing major will compose original creative works or develop journalism portfolios. Prerequisite: senior standing.
JW491-LLanguage, Theatre, and Communication Arts1
Senior Writing Lab Co-requisite JW491
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