EducationEC325Early Childhood Curriculum and Methodology I3
EducationEC330Early Childhood Curriculum and Methodology II3
EducationEC399Preschool-Kindergarten Associate Degree Practicum6
EducationEC499eGrades 1-2 Practicum6
EducationEC499kPreschool/Kindergarten Practicums6
EducationED210Foundations of Education3
EducationED243Educational Technology3
EducationED310Education Psychology and Measurement3
EducationED320Classroom Management3
Cross listed as  RE462
Reading in Content Area3
EducationED495Independent Research in EducationVaries
EducationED499zPracticum Seminar: Student Teaching Seminar2
EducationEL325Elementary Curriculum and Methods I3
EducationEL330Elementary Curriculum and Methods II3
EducationEL499Practicum in Elementary Education12
EducationES320ELL Curriculum and Methods3
EducationMS420Curriculum and Methods of Middle School Education3
EducationMS499Middle School Subject Area Practicum12
EducationPS252Data Interpretation for Education Majors1
EducationRE441The Teaching of Reading and Children’s Literature3
Cross listed as  ED462
Reading in the Content Area3
EducationSE420General Curriculum and Methods of Secondary Education3
EducationSE499Practicum in Secondary Education12
EducationSN311Human Exceptionalities3
EducationSN325Special Education Curriculum and Methods I3
EducationSN330Curriculum and Methods Elementary Special Needs II3
EducationSN335Curriculum and Methods Secondary Special Needs II3
EducationSN420Psychological and Educational Assessment3
EducationSN499ePracticum Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (Pre K-8)12
EducationSN499sPracticum Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (5-12)12
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