A Message from the President
Founded over 100 years ago, ENC exists to assist students in their educational and spiritual development.

At Eastern Nazarene College we believe there is no conflict between the best in education and the best in Christian faith. We believe a Christian education enlarges the approach to knowledge to include more than just facts, figures, and ideas, but also strives to advance ultimate truth, righteousness, justice, and holiness. With this base, doors of creative and redemptive opportunity are opened and students are encouraged to lay a foundation for their knowledge on a deep sense of God's incarnate love and grace in Jesus Christ.

The college community atmosphere in which you pursue your education is vital to the quality of the learning experience and to the preparation that one makes for a fulfilled life of committed service. Many colleges will give you opportunities for success in your chosen field, but ENC will go beyond this to help you ground that success in a knowledge of God's creative and redemptive intentions for humankind. Our community will challenge you not only to know the truth in all its multifaceted dimensions, but also to commit your life to the divine source of all truth. ENC is dedicated to the proposition that service to God and neighbor is not only consistent with the life of the mind, but requires a disciplined cultivation of the soul. 

We look forward to serving you.

Dr. Corlis McGee
President of ENC

Eastern Nazarene College
23 East Elm Ave.
Quincy, MA 02170
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