Master of Education

Teacher Education is a major function of the college in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. The teacher education programs at Eastern Nazarene College incorporate the newest methods of teacher preparation which are gaining increasing support throughout the United States. The teacher preparation programs at ENC equip teacher candidates with a thorough knowledge of the foundations of education, learning theory, motivation theory, lesson planning, integration of technology into the K-12 curriculum, and child development. Students immediately observe the application of knowledge learned in class in the pre-practicum. This opportunity occurs prior to student teaching, which is the culminating experience for the education student.

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The requirements for state licensure can be very confusing to the student seeking an appropriate program. Our advisors will meet with each student to design an individual program whether the student is seeking initial or professional licensure.

ENC's education programs are all fully approved and certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The programs, in fact, exceed the state licensure requirements.

Students interested in pursuing a teaching career must gain licensure from the state where they will be employed. Each state's licensure requirements differ, but graduates of Eastern Nazarene College who have completed the graduate teacher education program are eligible to be licensed in over 30 states because ENC is an approved member of the Interstate Certification Compact.

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Master of Education Courses

General Graduate Education Courses
ED502 American Foundations of Education
ED503 Advanced Educational Psychology and Measurement
ED510 Educational Technology
ED549z Student Teaching Seminar
ED552 Analysis of Teaching/Pedagogy
ED555 Educational Issues in Today's Society
ED556 Readings and Research (a, e, h, m, s, b)
ED558 Language and Literacy
ED562 Developing Reading Skills in the Content Areas
ED590 Research in Education (a, e, h, m, s, b)
ED695 Leadership for Teachers/Educators
ED696 Mentoring for Educators
ED697 NBPTS: Standards and Procedures
ED698 NBPTS: Methods of Assessment
ES520 ELL Curriculum and Methods 

Early Childhood Education
EC525 Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods I
EC530 Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods OO
EC549k Practicum - PreK through K
EC549e Practicum 1-2 Grade

Elementary Education
EL525 Elementary Curriculum and Methods I
EL530 Elementary Curriculum and Methods II
EL549 Practicum - Elemntary

Middle School Education
SN520 Management of Integrated Classrooms
MS520 Middle School Curriculum & Methods
MS549s Practicum, Subject Area - Middle School

Secondary Education
SN520 Management of Integrated Classrooms
SE520 Secondary Education Curriculum and Methods
SE549 Secondary Education - Practicum

Special Needs Education
SN505 Human Exceptionalities
ED520 Management of Integrated Classrooms
SN525 Special Needs Curriculum and Methods I
SN530 Curriculum and Methods I
SN530 Curriculum and Methods Elementary SN II
SN535 Curriculum and Methods Secondary SN II
SN Educational and Psychological Assessment
SN549e Practicum - Special Needs (pre-K-8)
SN549s Practicum - Special Needs (5-12)

Teacher of Reading
RE541 Principles of Teaching Reading and Children's Literature
RE542 Integration of Reading and Writing
RE544 Assessment in Reading
RE545 Administration of School Reading Programs
ED562 Developing Reading Skills in the Content Area
RE549 Reading - Practicum
RE550 Techniques & Treatment of Reading Difficulties
RE560 Advanced Child/Adolescent Literature

Detailed Course Descriptions 

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