All daytime and evening classes will resume at their normal time starting Thursday morning (1-29-15). This includes all traditional undergraduate and Adult and Graduate classes at all campus locations, including all ECE locations. 

Parking on and around campus is limited. Commuter students are encouraged to use public transportation or to carpool. The ENC shuttle to the E. Elm Campus and to the Old Colony Campus will leave the Wollaston T stop at 7:15am and 9:00am on Thursday Morning.

Campus Kinder Haus (CKH) will be closed tomorrow Thursday (1-29-15).

All campus offices will open on Thursday morning (1-29-15).

For more details, including a detailed shuttle schedule, go to:   HERE

Master of Education in Higher Education

Curriculum Summaries and Sequence of Courses

ED 700  History of Higher Education   (3 credits)
The history of higher education from its foundations into the 21st century of high tech, online, and for-profit institutions.

ED 701  Research in Higher Education   (3 credits)
Research Method – Quantitative and Qualitative, Thesis Organization and preparation.

ED 702  The Community College and Higher Education   (3 credits)
The emergence of the community college, its traditional purposes, and emerging role and functions.

ED 703   Student Development Issues   (3 credits)

The psychology and culture of student populations – traditional and adult; Theory, current practice and innovative trends.

ED 704  Management and Governance in Higher Education   (3 credits)
Institutional organization, power and performance, planning and strategy: theory and practice.

ED 705  Finance in Higher Education   (3 credits)
Financial organization and processes, innovative practices in planning and strategy [development, facilities, accounting, etc.].

ED 706   College Teaching and the Adult Learner   (3 credits)
Principles of instruction, college teaching as a IQ task, and adapting theory and practice to the adult learner.

ED 707    Higher Education and the Law    (3 credits)
Legal basis of higher education in the US (and world), landmarks in Higher Education Law, and emerging legal trends and issues.

ED 708 Higher Education Leadership    (3 credits)
Leadership theory; supervision, evaluation, and professional development; and, institutional growth.

ED 709   Topics in Higher Education: The Managerial Functions    (3 credits)
Registrar, Student Development, Advancement, Assessment, and others.

ED 710 Topics in Higher Education: Technology and Instructional Design       (3 credits)
Higher Education Curriculum development, emerging technology, and 21st century instructional design.

ED 719   Independent Readings and Research   (3 credits)

ED 720  Thesis and Seminar   (6 credits)

ED 721   Thesis Continuation

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